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std::string cOertlichesFonbuch::ResolveToName ( std::string &  number ) [virtual]

Resolves the given number to the corresponding name.

numberthe number to resolve
the resolved name or the number, if unsuccesful

Reimplemented from cFonbuch.

Definition at line 38 of file oertlichesfonbuch.c.


      std::string msg;
      std::string name;
      try {
            dsyslog("oertlichesfonbuch.c: sending reverse lookup request to www.dasoertliche.de");
            std::string host = "www.dasoertliche.de";
            cHttpClient tc(host, PORT_WWW);
            tc << "GET /?form_name=detail&lastFormName=search_inv&ph=" << number << "&recFrom=1&hitno=99&zvo_ok=1&page=TREFFERLISTE&context=TREFFERLISTE&action=TEILNEHMER&detvert_ok=1 HTTP/1.1\nHost: www.dasoertliche.de\nAccept-Charset: ISO-8859-1\n\n\0";
            do {
                  tc >> msg;
            } while (msg.find(std::string("</html>")) == std::string::npos);

      } catch (cTcpException te) {
            dsyslog("oertlichesfonbuch.c: Exception - %s", te.what());
            return number;
      // parse answer
      size_t start = msg.find("<div class=\"detail_top\">");
      if (start == std::string::npos)
            return number;
      // add the length of search pattern
      start += 24;
      size_t stop  = msg.find("<", start);
      name = msg.substr(start, stop - start);
#if VDRVERSNUM >= 10503
            // convert the string from latin1 to current system character table
            cCharSetConv *conv = new cCharSetConv("ISO-8859-1", cCharSetConv::SystemCharacterTable());
            const char *s_converted = conv->Convert(name.c_str());
            name = s_converted;
            delete (conv);
      return name;

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